Oracle Engineered Systems Management

As an Oracle Hardware and Software partner, Re-Quest has a combined 100+ years of experience architecting and managing Oracle environments. They have been a reseller of the core technology products – database and application server licenses – since the Oracle channel has existed, and have been an Oracle Database Appliance strategic partner since it’s first release. They have added certifications for ZFS storage and Oracle Exadata along the way to round out a comprehensive skill set to assist customers in deploying and managing Oracle Engineered Systems environments.

Re-Quest’s close relationship with Oracle over 30 years provides them the ability to work closely with Oracle Product Development and Product Management to provide best practices guidance to their services along with providing the ability to gain insight into product strategy and support. Re-Quest can architect, resell, implement and manage the following Oracle Engineered Systems:

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle ZFS storage
  • Oracle ZDLRA
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