Architecture Services

The easiest way to avoid an Oracle audit is to make sure you are compliant with your architecture from the start. With over 30 years of license compliance experience Re-Quest can help you architect an environment that starts out compliant from the beginning. We assist customers with the following architectures always keeping TCO in mind to minimize license exposure:

  • Physical or “bare metal” architectures
  • Virtual architectures
  • Cloud architecture

Re-Quest also has reference architectures using Oracle Engineered Systems options to reduce your license requirements to only what you need today, but provide the ability to “Pay-as-You-Grow” and not have to go through a painful re-platforming to do so.

Oracle License Reviews / License Compliance Services

Re-Quest has the tools and the expertise to complete one-off license reviews for customers looking to verify their Oracle licensing usage, as well as help manage their license assets properly. We provide customers with peace of mind information about their Oracle license deployments so they can be assured they are in compliance with Oracle licensing policy. We can advise on:

Re-Quest has more than 30 years of Oracle licensing expertise to help guide every aspect of a customer's
Oracle asset management needs.

  • Edition (SE1, SE, SE2, EE) deployments
  • Core count
  • ULA
  • Physical or virtual architectures
  • Production versus Non-Production versus DR deployments

across any platform Oracle runs on.

And if a customer does happen to need to true-up their license inventory, Re-Quest can assist them in the most cost-effective manner possible.

ULA Advisory

Re-Quest can assist customers in the following ways with ULA licensing structures:

  • ULA vs. transaction based purchases
  • Product mix
  • Extending vs. certifying a ULA
  • Maximizing ROI of a ULA

Oracle Support Renewal Oversight

The largest component of the Total Cost of Ownership of Oracle licenses is not the initial purchase. The ongoing OpEx support costs far outweigh the initial CapEx license purchase in the TCO calculation. It is not uncommon for a customer using Oracle over a long period of time to acquire several iterations of products at different points in that lifecycle. Also over time it is inevitable that a customer’s requirements, hardware and capacity needs will change as well. Often the combination of multiple purchases over time and changing architecture changes leaves a customer with a license inventory that is outdated and ineffective. Oracle Support renewal policies are not conducive to flexibility over time, leaving a customer to pay support on outdated licenses just to manage costs. Re-Quest has assisted customers in making sure they understand exactly what they need and why, and have help a multitude of customers restructure their license assets to “rightfit” their current needs.

Audit Advisory

In the event a customer does get audited, Re-Quest can assist with:

  • Managing them through the audit process as an advisor
  • Filling out the worksheets, running the audit scripts
  • Reviewing the Audit Results document for clarity and correctness
  • Providing guidance on how to resolve individual compliance issues
  • Strategies to address the report holistically.

Oracle License Managed Services

The easiest and most consistent way to manage your Oracle license compliance is to let us do it for you. Re-Quest can perform regularly scheduled license reviews as a stand-alone Managed Services engagement, or as part of our larger Remote DBA Managed Services offering.