Overall IT Strategy

Re-Quest IT Strategy consulting can assist customers make informed decisions and investments in the following areas:

Enterprise Applications:

Re-Quest can assist in everything from ERP selection/recommendation, solution architecture, and staff training and structure to get the most out of an Enterprise Application investment


Re-Quest can help customers with reference architectures tested through our almost 2 decades of successful deployment and management

IT Staffing:

Re-Quest can provide guidance and recommendations around how to organize an IT team to be productive, flexible and laser focused on delivering at the highest level to the business. This also includes assistance in deciding if a particular function should be staffed internally or outsourced to a service provider.

IT Process Best Practices:

Every IT team has its own internal processes, which should utilize proven best practices modified to fit their needs and SLAs. Re-Quest can assist IT organizations in defining and/or refining their processes to maintain flexibility while providing the highest level of delivery excellence to the business.